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  • This is a MT2503D chip platform based on the development of GSM / GPRS / GPS / Beidou multi-function module, and the use of LCC mainstream package.
  • MT2503D platform is the GSM platform MT6261 and GNSS platform MT3333 combination.
  • Its area reduced by 40%, greatly increased the function at the same time, the performance is also a large degree of improvement.

Support Open CPU solution

  • More detailed info about openCPU see MT2503 download page.

Hardware mt2503.pngMt2503 open solution.png

  • Secondary development
  • Custom program
  • CPU - 32-BIT ARM7EJ-S TM RISC 260MHz
  • MEMORY (4MB Flash + 4MB RAM)
  • Code Region: 320KB space for App image bin
  • RAM: 100KB static memory and 500KB dynamic memory
  • UFS Region: 120KB space

More advantages:

  • Reduce product development time
  • Simplify circuit design and reduce costs and power consumption
  • Decrease the product’s size
  • Upgrade firmware remotely via OpenCPU FOTA
  • Decrease the total cost and enhance the competitive advantages

Support GSM/GPRS

  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS Multi-slot Class 12
  • GSM 07.07, 07.05 and other enhanced AT commands
  • Interference detection
  • voice

▪ TTS ▪ ZYFOTATM ▪ dual sim standby ▪ OpenCPU

Support GNSS

  • GPS/Beidou
  • EASY(tm):
EASY ™ is an autonomous AGPS technology that enables fast first-time positioning and reduces the first positioning time (TTFF).
When the EASY ™ function is enabled, the GNSS processor automatically calculates and predicts guard track information via ephemeris data and saves it to the internal memory (valid for up to 3 days) when the module receives the broadcast ephemeris data for the first time.
When the module is operating under weak signals, the GNSS processor utilizes the data that has been saved in memory for fast first-time positioning.
  • EPO(tm): Is an Offline AGPS function that greatly reduces the positioning time by downloading the predicted GPS track data
cold start  <35s  <15s (w/EPO)
warm start  <30s  <5 s (w/EPO)
  • Seconds-level positioning
Support one second positioning, an online assisted positioning (Online AGPS) function.
Based on EPO data, the second function additionally supports NTP / NITZ time synchronization, and can provide reference location information, to achieve 4.5 seconds cold start positioning time-consuming.
  • LOCUS(tm),
  • GLP - save power up to 60%
  • DGPS
dynamic GPS
  • AlwaysLocate(tm), internal LNA, 1PPS

Support Bluetooth BT3.0

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • SPP config file
  • HFP-AG config file

Other Feature

  • wide operation temperature:-40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
  • support 3V/1.8V SIM/USIM card
  • super mini size 18.7*16*2.1mm, LCC package

AT commands

  • Standard V.25ter AT instruction set
  • GSM 07.07
  • GSM 07.05 (SMS)
  • GPRS AT instruction set (in accordance with GSM 07.07 specification)
  • TCP / IP protocol stack AT command set
  • STK (SIM Application Toolkit)
  • ZF Enhanced AT Command Set


  • 4x Serial - main, debug, assist, GNSS serial
  • ADC
  • Audio
  • PCM
  • SD


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Function Diagram

MT2503d 02.jpg