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Quick Setup

Quick Start Guide

  • Connect USB cable for power
  • Press Boot key to power up
  • LED will start to blink from fast to slow (network registered)


Customize Settings

  • Set Sn number, set remote server IP address
  • Commands
$setsn 761254011070  -> set sn number 
$setip  -> set remote IP address 
$setpot 8100 -> set remote server port 
$tcpip 0 -> TCP or UDP setup

Firmware Usage

  • Default firmware pre-flashed in tracker version, code based on standard AT commands.
  • Please find raw code in page MT2503, includes SDK and all examples.
  • SDK and toolchain can be setup in 5 minutes
  • Breakout board send GPS HEX data to server once power up, and server read HTTP socket data and generate HTML by python script.

Re-flash firmware

  • We provide standard AT commands firmware, and tracker firmware, feel free to change it via USB update
  • Connect USB Cable
  • Press Start in QFlash first
  • Hold boot key on board to boot up

Remote Test Server

HTML Webpage Map

Server Script:

  • All board tested before send, when you receive board, you can try with SN-number to see the last record in our factory, for example:
  • HTML address1 google map:
  • HTML address2 map :  (CN address with map fixed, an issue in China)
  • Support to send by HTTP RESTful coordination data to (need to build your own server, script embedded our API number)
  • You can build up your own server to further customize your tracking.

UDP Test Server

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