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TB6560 WIRING 01.png


  • 1) The working voltage is DC 10V-35V. It is recommended to use a switching power supply DC24V for power supply.
  • 2) The use of 6N137 high-speed optical coupling to ensure high speed without losing step.
  • 3) Adopt brand-new TB6560AHQ chip, with built-in low-voltage shutdown, overheating shutdown and overcurrent protection circuits to ensure performance.
  • 4) The rated output is: ±3A, with a peak value of 3.5A.
  • 5) It is suitable for two-phase/four-phase/four-wire/six-wire stepping motor with 42,57 stepping within 3A, not suitable for stepping motor with more than 3A.
  • 6) Automatic half-flow function.
  • 7) Subdivision: full step, half step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step, 16 subdivision.
  • 8) Volume: width 50 * length 75 * height 35 (MM)


  • +24V, GND Power supply positive and negative
  • A+, A- motor phase A
  • B+, B- motor phase B
  • CLK+, CLK- pulse positive and negative terminals, need for control
  • CW+, CW- direction positive and negative ends, can be left for NC
  • EN+, EN- enable positive and negative terminals, can be left for NC


  • Excitation Mode 细分设置
  • Decay settings 衰减模式
  • Stop Current 静止时半流模式
  • Running Current 运行电流


  • Double check before to use, wrong wiring will burn the drive
  • EN+ to low or NC for running mode!