T24 Serial to Ethernet Module

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Working Mode

The module supports four work mode:

Work Mode Description
TCP-Client module will first connect to TCP server module, and make long connection for transparent data communication
TCP-Server module will first connect to gateway, and allow four clients connect in and send data.
UPD module does not make active connection, only forward data when data is incomming.
UPD-server based on normal UPD mode, change targe IP who sent data to source data IP, support multiple IP working mode
  • TCP-client is the default mode, parameters:
  1. IP address of the module:
  2. Subnet Mask module:
  3. Module Default Gateway:
  4. Serial port baud rate: 115200
  5. Connection target IP:
  6. Connection to the target port: 8234

Extra functions

  • RS485: RTS or EN can be used as enable pin for RS485
  • Link: when connect made the link pin keep low, in TCP mode will turn to low, in UPD mode will always be low, used pin CTS or link.
  • Reset function: when TCP client connection failed over 30 times, module will restart
  • ID: can set ID in setup tool