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Find the phase sequency

  1. Connect the comm pin to VCC
  2. Connect one of the rest wires to the GND, if the motor jumps once, then let's say it is A
  3. Let's then try the rest of the wires except comm. and A, if one the wire connects to GND and the motor move clockwise then Let's say it is B.
  4. Repeat the step 3, until you find C, D, E....
  5. Finally, you can programm your stepper in sequence AB--BC--CD--DA--AB or (AB / B~A / ~A~B / ~BA / AB)

Stepper Drive Methods

  • "Single" means single-coil activation
  • "double" means 2 coils are activated at once (for higher torque)
  • "interleave" means that it alternates between single and double to get twice the resolution (but of course its half the speed).
  • "Microstepping" is a method where the coils are PWM'd to create smooth motion between steps.


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