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SIM808 Board Series Details

SIM808 Dev Board

Board specification

SIM808 dev board 05.png
No. Description No. Description
1 sim card insert direction 11 IPX connector
2 battery connector 12 5V power and serial interface
3 sim card protect ic 13 TVS over voltage protection
4 sim card slot 14 bluetooth connector
5 other control pins 15 LDO regulator
6 audio speaker and mic 16 LED status
7 usb connector for upgrading only 17 GPS power supply circuits
8 Titanium capacitor 18 GPS antenna connector
9 TTL 5V/3V3 switch
10 TTL macthing circuits

Simple wiring and serial debugging

Bluetooth Firmware

  • please prepare the USB socket and solder it
  • Install driver and then you can flash the firmware
  • Default firmware support TTS audio to speech, both firmware are provided