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RTU Firmware

  • UART1 - for data transfer and parameter setting
  • UART2 - for standard AT command communication
  • The baud rate is 115200, 8bit data, 1bit stop, no parity
  • NETLIGHT PIN - is used to indicate the network registration status
  • STATUS PIN - is used for power on indication, high level is for power on

To set commands, first enter into commands mode by +++, confirm password by AT+DTUW=900,12345678; after setup, save configuration by AT+DTUW=999; exit commands mode and enter into data mode by ATO

Commands read write
password - AT+DTUW=900,12345678
Link Status - AT+DTUS
IP address AT+DTUR=102 AT+DTUW=102,
Port AT+DTUW=103 AT+DTUW=103,9999
Save AT+DTUW=999
exit commands mode ATO
Fail times AT+DTUW=921,3
Restart Module if still fail AT+DTUW=922,1
enter into commands mode +++


The format is: $SMS number # SMS content SMS$ (Do not add any characters after SMS$)

E.g:  $SMS10086#Test SMS SMS$

When a text message is received, it will be output through the serial port in the same format as the text message sent:

$SMS number # SMS content SMS$

The content of the SMS is GBK code. On Chinese computers, the default is GBK code.

Write the MCU program can be written directly like this:

Sprint(buffer,"$SMS%s#%sSMS$", "10086", "Test SMS");