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QQ Super, KK Pro

The Thunder QQ Super multi-rotor flight controller has a built in 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis acceleration sensor with self stabilising function which gives it a super stable flight performance. It supports all general receivers including Futaba S.BUS, Spektrum and OrangeRX DSM2 and DSMX compatible and it has a port for the DSM2 and DSMX compatible satellite receivers.
Receiver type and multi-rotor type are very easily selected via the small DIP switches and calibration is also extremely easy with the set button. Once calibrated sensitivity is also a very simple affair with just one small adjuster on the front of the unit making this flight controller one of the easiest to set up ever.
The unit is supplied with 4 x male to male connectors and 2 x double sided mounting tape and a small screwdriver for making adjustments. Suitable for multi-rotors with up to 6 motors and supports 4 configuration types.

  • Compatible with Futaba S.BUS, DXM2, DSMX and other receivers

Thunder QQ Super contoller.jpg Thunder QQ Super contoller2.jpg


Pins Description
A.E.R Ailerons(AIL), Elevator(ELE), Rudder(RUD)
THR Throttle
S.BUS 2.4G Receiver
M1~M6 Brusheless Motor



Quadcopter transmistter controller.jpg


Wfly.jpg Wfly receiver02.png


WFLY Reverse.JPG


Transmitter calibration

  • put throttle to MIN, AIL,ELE,RUD will be central, place copter on flat level surface,
  • power on tx, power on copter.
  • QQ super led stable to show motor locked mode, press small button next to gains with toothpick , QQ super now has central points set.

Sensor Calibration

  • Last move throttle/rudder to top left, green led goes out, move throttle/rudder to neutral position, qq super is now balanced (MEMS gyro calibrated)

Sensitivity of Flight

  • clockwise the "gain" knob to increase sensitivity, and vise verse.

Throttle/ESC calibration

  • confirm your Endpoint adjustments in the TX radio (mine set 100%) and that no Dual Rate (D/R) is applied.
  • connect each ESC one by one ( or use a 6 to 1 adapter) with the throttle set all the way up , connect ESC power
  • ESC should make a tone, move throttle to min (all way down) esc should make another tone, ESC calibration is done. move throttle up a small amount to test ESC / Motor operation, do not use full throttle without prop, this can lead to ESC/motor failure and not right away, sometimes it fails in-flight.


Spec D X8C
PTZ yes Example
Video Quality 4K, 1080P Example
Photo Quality 1200W 300W
Fly time 12Mega 3Mega
Control Distance 2KM 150M
Other Auto-Pilot, Auto fly up and suspension, protection when low power, Example
Highest height 6KM Example
Highest speed 16M/sec Example