PIR Sensing Switch For LEDs

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  1. It is simple: direct replacement of ordinary switch, just as ordinary switch wiring; you can start with an ordinary switch to test well, and then put sensor switch is very safe, two lines are connected to the two pillars, random access, No sub-polar (Note: You can not take the line of fire with the zero line on the sensor switch)
  2. Mounted on top of the wall and can be, sensing angle attention probably 120 degrees left and right direction, sensing angle of 100 degrees vertically.
  3. If you install a large amount of heat lamps (eg incandescent lamps) and switch should be kept at a distance of one meter or more (for example, there will be too close from the open, self off is like.) If there is no way so far away, they can something the interval point foam, wood, cardboard and the like, the barrier at the heat radiated interference.
  4. The first time access circuit initialization takes about 1-3 minutes (in the meantime it may be automatic on / off is normal)
  5. During the day or around the strong light, install sensor switch, sensor switch because by default, the lamp is not lit (at night or low-light when someone close before induction lit), you can put your hand over compact sensor switch probe (Dome) to test sensor switch, so light will light up.
  6. There are light-sensitive switch is darker, the more sensitive features! If you feel that sensor switch insensitive, there is generally affect the sensor switch the light sensitivity, the solution is a little counter-clockwise callback that "sensitivity" potentiometer around! On it.

Direct Use

The easiest to install: after the buyer received, adjustable can not adjust, you only need to take a good line, wait until the evening, on people to light, people take the lights went out!

  • Delay time, speed, is already tuned well.
  • The default is the shortest delay, and about 15 seconds, and only working in the night.

Wiring, Tuning, sensing range