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Pin Definitions, Dimension and Schematic

Pin Definition

Atmega328 D13-D11 SPI D10 D9 D8 D7 D6 D2
Function D13-D11 SPI SX1278 CS SX1278 RST SPI Flash CS LED Battery Check SX1278 IRQ


  • Demo sketch please find at, RF95 client send is default flashed in board - https://github.com/Edragon/Arduino/tree/master/Sketchbook/02_LORA
  • if you have a pair, just flash another one to client server, LED will blink when data is transceiving between two modules, and 9600 baudrate serial output hello to you.
  • Sketch include battery check function, but not yet fine tuned (to-do)


  • Demo Sketch - Use Radiohead RF95 library, preload demo sketch rf95_reliable_client

Set Frequency

  if (!manager.init())
   Serial.println("init failed");
 driver.setFrequency(470.0);   // add frequency set here

Updates and FAQ

R1.2 Version

Change SPI Flash from 16MBit to 8Mbit. Add LGT Version, use LGT logicgreen version 8F328 IC. Tested fully compatible!

Common Questions

  • No need to add any new board, just use "arduino pro mini - 3.3V/8M" as board when upload new code in arduino IDE
  • If any failed on programming please try to use 5V for power supply to 3.3V (which actually is VCC for SOC atmega328P, it is 3.3-5V tolerant)