HP25 LED Panel

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Pin Definitions

Arduino Header text PIN Left PIN Right Header text Arduino
- VCC 1 8 GND -
0 IR 2 7 LED 4
1 BTN 3 6 UPDI 5, PROG
2, PA1 TXD 4 5 GND_detect 3, RX_PA2

Arduino Definitions

#define IR 0
#define BTN 1
#define GND_detect 3
#define LED 4
Programming Setup TX/RX to pin PA1 and PA2


  • Prepare Arduino Nano UPDI programmer
  • Connect UPDI, VCC and GND three lines
  • upload code by "uploading using programmer", and select programmer "jtag2updi"

Power supply

  • Power supply can be attached from B+ | B-, or SO+ | SO-, if you use solar panel better applied at SO+|SO-
  • Power supply up to 30V DC
  • For lower than 5V, you can shot connect the pads next to the LDO, to supply power directly to LEDs