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Gernernal Info

  • dimension 49 x 25 mm
  • voltage supports battery +4.2V from soldering pads, or 5V USB, the chip has internal LDO

Switch Mode

  • Hold down button first, and connect power USB, check LED status
  • Note to use TX and RX mode, please only connect USB power (powerbank), not data (not to PC or so)

Status and Control

Mode LED Button Short Press Button Long Hold Jack
Transmitter Mode Very Fast Blink sound volume pause AUX / Audio In -> TX out
Reiceiver Mdoe Normal Slow 1sec Blink sound volume switching device mode: bluetooth, AUX RX in -> EP/ Audio Output
USB Sound Card Mode Constant on sound volume -
OFF Mode Constant on switch device TX/RX mode -

EMBT_S02 Features

EMBT02 diagram.png

Audio Source Transmission Function

  • Support to send MP3 audio source from 3.5mm AUX in, output dual channels output tranmission
  • Support to send MP3 audio source from U disk playback (customize only, not available on this standard board)
  • Support to send MP3 audio source from computer USB sound card
  • Support bluetooth speaking from on board microphone

Audio Receive Function

  • Support dual sound channel output, so left +right
  • Support AUX 3.5mm in.
  • Support to play MP3 or WAV from U disk
  • Support to use as USB sound card and USB sound MIC

Other Note

  • Only can pair with one receiver when in transmission mode
  • Support bluetooth earphone, audiobox, car audio box, etc,
  • The receiver audio device password must bee 0000, most device are so
  • Module both transmission and receiving are dual sound channel mode
  • Transmission distance is 10M
  • If multiple devices are pairing, it will connect randomly, but only connect to one target
  • Short press to control sound
  • please notice when connect to PC USB, it will be act as USB sound card, can not be paired, LED also blink in different frequency.
  • On board serial port for developer testing only, you can not use it.

Demo Video