Drawing Machine

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BOM List

Electronics Parts

  • Arduino UNO Board
  • Arduino CNC shield
  • 2x A4988 Drive
  • 2x Minebea NEMA-17 (42mm) stepper
  • 1x SG90 Serve Motor
  • 2x Stepper cables, 1m
  • 1x servo 3 pins cable 0.5m

Mechanical Parts

  • 2x X-end (3d printer)
  • 1x Y1-end (3d printer)
  • 1x Y2-end (3d printer)
  • 1x X-Y-Top (3d printer)
  • 1x X-Y-Bottom (3d printer)
  • 1x pen-holder-servo-holder (3d printer)
  • 1x pen-holder-solider (3d printer)
  • 1x pen-holder-holder (3d printer)
  • 2x synchronous gear (pre-assemabled), synchronous belt
  • Accesseries: linear bearing, M5 screws, all of it.

Tool you need

  • M5 hexagon screwdriver
  • M3 hexagon screwdriver

NOT Included

Installation guide

1. X-Y

2. Y1 End

3. Y1 End

4. X End

5. Pen-holder

6. Fully assemble

Software Use Guide

  • Arduino Firmware - First upload arduino gbrl firmware, complied hex file.
  • Use Grbl controller open serial, on rate 115200
  • Use standard gcode file and guide from here CNC.

Final Drawing Note

  • Keep table horizontal
  • Add weight on pen holder to make sure the pen fully well touched paper
  • Make sure nothing around the machine, X Y axis should be able to more to maxmium and not have any obstacles