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  • WIN10 driver free, but may need install in WIN7/8
  • Support Coretxt M3, M4 series, designed and used by ARM, (St-link for STM32 but designed by ST)
  • Support NRF51822 boards, tested with our nrf51822 board in arduino IDE
  • Work well in MDK IDE, but not well supported in IAR, please notice. See right.
  • Also support debug in MDK IDE
Daplink support mdk.png
  • CMSIS DAP support Cortex-A/R/M all series, but software reset only work for Cortex-M0/3/4/7
  • Speed test

Installation for WIN7/8

  • After this steps, click confirm when warning out, installation will be finished.

In case if failed

  • If the driver install correctly, no need following steps
  • Check if your system is 32bit or 64bit
  • replace mdmcpq and mdmcpq.PNF files in C:\Windows\INF folder
  • according to your system, copy usbser.sys file, and replace C:\Windows\System32\drivers in this folder
  • reinstall the driver

Supported Programmer

Via Python CMD Line


Daplink compare jlink.png