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Action Wiring
  • Boot pin D4 to MCU like arduino
  • Or turn on board by pressing key manually
D4 pin -> KEY (BOOT) pin
Soft UART connection arduino D2 D3 -> TXD and RXD
Power Supply
  • 5V via diode to VBAT pin, GND to GND
  • Diode not necessary for testing, but need for final project

Demo runing video please see here., one time per second blink 1PPS LED, slow blink when network registed network LED.


  • For GPS location, must leave the antenna fully out of artitecture, at outdoor environment.


File name Model Type Version
File:SIM868 RF Design Application Note V1.00.pdf SIM868 APP-note 1.00
SIM868 Brief Specification SIM868 SPEC -
Another SIM868 Brief SIM868 SPEC -
File:SIM868 Reference Design V1.01(160310).pdf SIM868 HD Reference 1.00
SIM868 hardware design guide SIM868 HD 1.00
File:SIM868 Footprint(160310).pdf SIM868 HD-footprint 1.00
File:SIM868 Pin out(160120).pdf SIM868 HD-pinout 1.00

File:SIM868 NMEA Message Specification V1.00.pdf

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