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Panelization Types

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KiCAD Panelization


Copy & Paste

  • Open Kicad PCB to append PCB directly

Eagle Panelization

  • Copy and Paste

Gerber Panelization



Penalized by V-cut

  • board edge should be well aligned, otherwise will be edited by us
  • board size should have bigger than 60mm length (length parallel to v-cut line), otherwise can not fit into machine.
  • gap should be bigger 3mm, otherwise can not make
  • v-cut line can not stop and turn inside of your penalized board.

Type of methods for penalization

Example 01. V-CUT, Tab Route

Example 03. Tab Route

Example 04. Tab Route + Drill Holes.

Note and Restriction of penalization


  • V-cut is a line of 0mm width
  • V-cut line can only go directly straight (not curve, no turns) without stop on the boards or any turns, so only from the end of this side to the end of other side
  • V-cut line should be in mechanical layer, line width can be 0-0.3mm, only add line width when your parts too close to the board edge.
  • V-cut can ONLY be done for board size more than 60 x 60 mm! (otherwise can not place into machine)
  • Tab routing (milling) gap need at least 3mm gap in between different designs.
  • The panelized file can be used to make stencil.
  • Options will prior to the order, for example, file with V-cut but order don't choose V-cut will still be made without V-out.

Tab Route

  • The milling width must be more than 2mm

Drill Holes Penalization

  • Add stamp holes every 0.5mm gap, and drill hole size 0.3mm diameter, and 2mm milling layer, board will only connect by stamp holes

Possible Minor Change for Production

The penalize file will have slightly modified only when errors happend on file, for example:

  • Penalize board not full in line.

Be aware this change may be different for use for making stencil

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