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ICP LDROM Programming

  • Upload LDROM an APROM use ICP tool


  • LDROM = Bootloader
  • APROM = User Application


Header text Header text Header text
Boot from LDROM / APROM, use LDROM Example
PWM status under OCD Halt tri-state or PWM continious Example
LDROM size 4K -
P2.0/RST config input -
OCD Enable OK -
Security Lock NOK -
Brown-out Detector Options 2.2V all tick options -
WDT Options disable -

ISP APROM Serial Programming

  • upload later APROM use NuvoISP tool

Serial Download Note

  • Need run hex2bin to convert bin file, MCU only support BIN download
  • Please use above post build method for bin file when compile.
  • need reset/repower MCU before and after flash.

GIF Tutorial

  • Post-process job, run hex2bin to convert hex to bin for serial download
C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\N76E003串口下载工具\hex2bin\hex2bin.exe .\Output\GPIO.hex



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