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Type Distance Speed Receiver Mode ICs duplex
USB 5M -
UART - -
RS-232 10M (50ft, 15.24M) 160 kb/s, up to 1Mb/s 10 Receiver Single end MAX232 full duplex +/-3V~+/-15V
RS-422 1000M (4000ft, 1220M) @ 100Kbps 10 Mb/s @ 12M 10 Receiver Differential MAX490 4-Wires, full duplex
RS-485 1000M (4000ft, 1220M) @ 100Kbps 10 Mb/s @ 12M 32 Receiver Differential MAX485 / Max3485 2-Wires, half duplex (full duplex in certain mode) +/-2V~+/-6V




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