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  • Schematic

Note for FM1310

  • C4(0.1UF) has to be close to IC pin 9
  • Y1(32.768KHz crystal) has to be close to IC pin 16
  • Place an GNDRF parallel next to the RFIN(pin 13) trace, and try to make sure they are the same length.
  • L2/L1/L3(Bead) must stay close to the ear bug socket.
  • Volumn and seek switch must have separated 100K resistor, can't share this.

Pin Definition

TEA5767 Pin Definition

Pin Name IOs Description
1 Data I/O IIC Data Line
2 Clock I IIC Clock Line
3 GND - Gound
4 NC - NC
5 VCC - Voltage supply
6 GND - Gound
7 L-OUT O Audio left channel output
8 R-OUT O Audio right channel output
9 GND - Gound
10 ANT I RF Antenna

RDA5807 Pin Definition

Pin Name Description
2 R-out right sound channel signal output
3 L-out left sound channel signal output
4 RCK External clock input
5 FM FM antenna
6 Data IIC SDA Data Line
7 Clock IIC SCL Clock line
8 GP2 NC
9 GP3 NC
10 VDD +3VDC input

FM 1310

  • Absolute Maxiumium ratings
Item Min. Max.
Power Supply Volts VCC –0.3V 3.6V
Pin Voltage –0.3V 3.6V
Maxium power dissipation - 1W
Operating temperature –40C +85C
Storage temperature -65C +150C
LNA input level - +10 dBm
  • Electric Characters
Item Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Supply Voltage VCC 2.2 3.6 V
Total Supply Current I_A 15.8 mA
Total Power Down Current I_PDA 16 uA
  • Pin Definition
Pin Number Name Description Remark
1 FM_ANT FM Antenna signal input
2 GND power ground
3 Seek_D seek channel down connect with a switch and 100K resistor to VCC
4 Seek_U seek channel up Connect a siwtch to GND
5 Vol_D volumn down connect with a switch and 100K resistor to VCC
6 Vol_U volumn up Connect a siwtch to GND
7 On module enable ON
8 Vbat Power VCC normally 3V
9 Rout stereo audio right channel
10 Lout stereo audio left channel







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