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Mainstream IC

IC Header text Header text
Nodic NRF51822 BLE 4.0 Example
TI CC2540 BLE 4.0 EY08 support IO Ctrl
TW Aihora AB1122 SPP 2.0 + BLE 4.0 Example
Beken BK3254 Audio BLE 4.0 Example

Debug APP

  • Android 4.3 OS or Apple IOS
Type OS Function
Beacon Scanner Android iBeacon mode scan
nRF Connect Android send data
BluetoothLeGatt (source code available) Android send data
IO ctrl (source code available) Android send customized IO control commands
Lightblue IOS -
  • Use with IOS
  • Using with Android, Bluetooth LeGatt
  • BLE Device Scan



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