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Antenna Type: PCB, plastic rod/bar prismatical, metal spring, haptor

Type Gain Installation
433MHz Spring-Coil 1.5dBi External
GSM Rod Antenna 5CM 2dB External
GSM Rod Antenna 8CM 2.5-3dBi External
GSM PCB antenna 2dBi internal


Generally SMA, IPX, Pin spring connector

  • BNC
  • IPX, U.FL
  • SMA (outer thread, inner thread + female or male inside)
RPSMA = outer thread + male pin
SMA - KE = outer thread + female hole
SMA - KE = outer thread + male pin
  • TNC
RP-TNC = inner thread + female hole


  • RG179, RG316, RG174


  • PCB antenna

Internal LNA

Internal LNA 01.jpg

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