CC1101/SI4463 Wireless Module UART

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Working Mode

  • M1: Medium Power Saving mode, default mode for EC11.
  • M2: Lowest Power Saving mode, 80ua standby current, high delay 400ms, baud rate only support 1200-4800, data can only transfer 256 bytes per packet due to high delay. Great for lower energry request projects.
  • M3: Full Speed mode, delay down to below 8ms.
  • M4: High Distance mode, the lower baud rate, the longer distance can be reached.

Parameters for working mode EC11

Mode average
standby current
delay ms
(Send one byte)
close loop
test time 1 (ms)
(baud rate 9600, send 1 byte)
close loop
test time 2 (ms)
(baud rate 9600, send 10 byte)
EC11-M1 3.5 ma 20 31 31
EC11-M2 80 ua 380 - -
EC11-M3 22 ma 2 8 18
EC11-M4 22 ma 7 22 40
EC44-M1 3.6 ma 4-80 31 31
EC44-M2 80 ua 500 - -
EC44-M3 16 ma 4-80 - -

AT Commands

Pull Down the Set pin to GND to enter AT commands mode.

Commands example Return Description
AT AT OK status check
AT+Bxxxx AT+B4800 OK-4800 baud rate avaialble at
AT+Cxxx AT+C058 OK-058 Change frequency channel
AT+FUx AT+FU1 OK+FU1 change working mode
AT+Px (only for EC44) AT+P5 OK+P5 send the power transmission rate,
vary from -1~20 dbm, input value available from 1~8.