Arduino Radio Board

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Kit List

List Quantity
PCB Board 1
2x4 pin header female 1
2x3 pin header male 1
1x6 pin header female 2
1x8 pin header female 2
433mhz coil antenna 1
28P IC socket 1
7805 regulator 1
1x8 2.00mm pitch pin header male 2
1x8 2.00mm pitch pin header female 2
green and red leds 2
push button 1
7333 3.3V regulator 1
1N5819 diode 1
10K resistor 1
330R resistor 1
104 0.1UF capacitor 4
22 22pF capacitor 4
ceramic fuse 1
16Mhz crystal 1
100uf capacitor 3


Arduino radio pth board.png

Pin Definitions

Pins Description
D2 to DIO0 pin of RFM69
D3 to IRQ pin of Nrf24l01
D8 to CE pin of Nrf24l01
D9 to CS pin of Nrf24l01
D10 to SEL pin of RFM69