Arduino HDK

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  • A6 A7 for analog input only

Basic Usage

  • For Arduino programming reference, please visit Arduino site at here.
  1. Download the IDE arduino from http: // (Copy Open)
  2. for CH340 USB-TTL, download the USB chip driver from http: // id = 126?
  3. Connect the development board, the driver will automatically install
  4. Select the board in the menu
  5. Select the COM port, you can find this port number in computer settings too
  6. Try to burn some examples codes into board.


Arduino Pinout

Pin Number Function Description Interface
D-13 SCK SPI Slock SPI
D-12 MISO Data In SPI
D-11 MOSI Data Out SPI
D10 SS(CS) Chip select (enable) SPI
A4 SDA Data Line IIC
A5 SDL Clock Line IIC