AVR Dev Board

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BOM list for Atmega 8 DIP Kit Board

Part Type Designator Footprint Description Direction
0.1uF C9 104DIP DIP 104 No
104 C5, C4 104DIP solder 104 Cap No
22P C2, C1 30P-DIP solder 22pf Cap No
1K R2 AXIAL0.4 solder 1K Resistor No
10K R1 AXIAL0.4 solder 10K Resistor No
7.2728M X1 SIP3 Soldering three holes socket, and plug the crystal in No
SW-PB S1 SW-PB6 Soldering switch No
5HEADER J9 SIP5 no soldering, save for further use No
SIP6 J3, J5 SIP6 no soldering, save for further use No
SIP4 J8 SIP4 no soldering, save for further use No
14-HEADER J10 SIP-14 soldering 14P break-away header No
SIP4 J6 SIP4 soldering 4P break-away header No
SIP6 J2 SIP6 soldering 6P break-away header No
ATMEGA8 U1 DDIP28 Soldering IC socket, and plug the atmega8 IC into it Yes
IDC10 J1 IDC10-1 Soldering 10P Box header Yes
LED D2 LED.3 Soldering LED Yes
POWER J20 DC3 Soldering DC power supplier No
100uF/16V C3 10uF-25V Soldering 100UF cap Yes
SWITCH J11 SW-POWER Soldering self-lock switch No
USB J19 USB Soldering USB power supply No


In our board, the first pin MOSI is square, the rest are round.


Using Attiny Series Breakout