20PCS Infrared Transmmiter LED

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  • Lens: Water Clear
  • Material: GaAs
  • Color:Infrared
  • Unit:mm, tolerance: +/-0.25mm


Parameter Max Value Unit
Power 100 mW
Pulse Current 60 mA
Forward DC current 30 mA
Reverse DC Volt 6 V
Operational Temperature ―55℃ to+100℃
Storage Temperature ―55℃ to+100℃
Soldering Temperature 260℃ for 3 seconds

Lighting Characters

Parameter Symbol Min. Standard Max. Unit Condition
Lighting angle 2θ1/2 30 deg IF=20mA
Lighting distance L 12 15 M
Peak value wave length λp 940 nm IF=20mA
forward volts VF 0.9 1.3 V IF=20mA
reverse volts IR 5 uA VR=5V
  • This brightness based on the brightness of the human eye induction curve simulation luminous intensity meet CIE (Commission International Organization light)
  • The measurement of the light-emitting angle half its brightness when testing data
  • Brightness error plus or minus 15% guarantee


You can run the IR LED like normal LED, adding current-limit resistor is necessary.

Wiring of ir led.png