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NEO-6M GPS module has high sensitivity, low power consumption and miniaturization. Its high tracking sensitivity greatly enlarges its coverage. Where the ordinary GPS receiving module can not locate, such as narrow urban sky, dense jungle environment , NEO-6M can be high-precision positioning. The high sensitivity, small static drift, low power consumption and compact size of the module are ideal for applications such as PDAs, vehicle monitoring, mobile phones, camcorders and other mobile positioning systems for automotive and handheld applications.


Version Notice -
NEO-6M save config on external EEPROM -
NEO-7N save config in internal Flash -
NEO-8M support Beidou, GNSS, GPS -


  • Baud rate, output PPS can be changed by U-center, and saved in EEPROM
  • Backup battery can save GPS data for 0.5 hour, and turn back to status quickly


Module Schematic & Size

  • schematic of version 2

Parts info

For the EEPROM part function, please refer to the hardware integration manual.

Backup Battery


  • Save the setting (From U-center) in the eeprom, and enable DDC mode


Demo code