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=== Hardware Interface ===
=== Hardware Interface ===
=== DFU USB OTG ===
* Listed supported device in ST documents [https://www.st.com/content/ccc/resource/technical/document/application_note/6a/17/92/02/58/98/45/0c/CD00264379.pdf/files/CD00264379.pdf/jcr:content/translations/en.CD00264379.pdf AN3156]
* Download [http://www.st.com/en/development-tools/stsw-stm32080.html DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade (DFU) software]
* Install the drive in installation folder -C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Software\DfuSe v3.0.5\Bin\Driver or here [[File:STM-Bootloader-Driver.zip|STM32 Bootloader Driver]]
* Testing firmware for [[:File:Can-usb.zip|USB-CAN here]].
* Open the DFU tool to upload firmware to internal flash, see left animation.

=== ISP USART ===
=== ISP USART ===

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ST-LINK + ST Utility


Jlink, JTAG

Embedded bootloader

The embedded bootloader mode is used to reprogram the Flash memory using one of the following serial interfaces:

  • SWD Default
  • USART1 (PA9/PA10)
  • USART3 (PB10/11 and PC10/11)
  • CAN2 (PB5/13)
  • USB OTG FS (PA11/12) in Device mode (DFU: device firmware upgrade).


Hardware Interface

File:Stm32 serial wiring 02.jpg



  • If SWD Serial-Wire is not enable, add reset line to force enter into debug mode