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2.4G Wireless Camera

How to use

  1. Install relevant driver, see the unknown device in your device manager
  2. Install the recording program, open and click "option" to switch to the wireless device.
  3. Happy to use!

1.2G Wireless Camera

You will need a extra 9 V battery for the wireless camera if you don't want to use power adapter.

This product don't require any drivers!!


This device enable your wireless camera works on computer, it converts A/V Signal to USB 2.0 Signal.
You will need extra RCA Male to Male 3P cables for the connection.

How to use

  • Plug in the devices and select the drive folder you just downloaded, make sure it's successfully downloaded
  • Click and run "StkATVAp"
  • Choose "Syntek" from device menu
  • Select correct Video Input channel (1, 2, or TV tuner), once you selected the correct one, you should see random noise is moving and flashing on your screen
  • Turn on Camera, and tune the receiver untill you see image on your computer screen
  • enjoy!