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Enter Into Flash Mode

  • Connect the power supply and serial interface: +5V=>+5V (+3V3 can also work but less stable), GND=>GND, TXD=>RXD, RXD=>TXD
  • Hold down IO0 button and press RESET button to do power cycle, now module enter into flash mode Please refer to the schematic below
  • Upload firmware by arduino or ESP download tools.


Schematics, Dimension

Board Definition and jumper select

Power Supply Jumper (2*3 pin header)

  • Power supply, use 12V or 24V power supply that can match to LED strip power
Board Pin Description Jumper Select
27V<VIN>5V Power supply for board system 27-5V input (default) OR 5V direct input
27V<V_LED>5V Power supply for LED Strip 27-5V input (default) OR 5V direct input (for WS2812)
  • Notice most LED strips are 12V, and then 24V, please supply either 12V or 24V to board and LED.

RGB/WS2812 output Jumper W B R G V

Board Pin Jumper Select for RGB (default) Jumper Select for WS2812
W Single white channel W1 -
B RGB blue channel (or single white channel W2) -
R RGB green channel (or single white channel W3) WS2812 Ground
G RGB red channel (or single white channel W4) IO2 Signal
V Positive Power Supply OUT V_LED 12V or 24V

Pin Definition and Configuration

  • Press BTN0 (GPIO0) down, and power up the board, will enter into firmware flash mode
  • Following pin definition also compare to H801
ESP8266 Pin ESP Light Pin Other similar board pin (H801)
15 R R - Red
13 G G - Green
12 B B- Blue
14 W1 - White W1 - White
4 IIC W2 - White
1 ESP-Tx Signal green led
5 IIC Power red led
2 WS2812 signal ESP-Tx

Configuration V2