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  • For resistor, capacitor, inductor, etc list we common used can be found here RCL.
Name Package Specification Category Price
IPEX connector - SMD SMD Connector 0.13
470uF 7343/E 10V/20% SMD Tantalum Capacitor 0.2
IN5817/SS12/1A/20V SMA SMD Schottky Diode 0.015
10UH SMDRH104R 2.5A/20%/100KHz SMD Inductor 0.1
Inductor SMDRH104R.png
MP1584 SOP8 MPS SMD IC 0.28
ZY208 prototype board Prototype 19.5
Kinsten Prototype PCB Board Prototype PCB 2.3
Kinsten Prototype PCB Board single side 10*15CM Prototype PCB 5.5
Kinsten etch developing solution 60g Prototype PCB 0.8
Diaphragm water Pump 1-3 days Mechanical Item 15
Water pump.jpg
Micro Water pump Mechanical Item 3
5mW laser pointer sensor sensor 2.2
5mw laser point.jpg
Door Magnetic Sensor sensor 2
HF32F-G-5-HS - 10A relay 0.35-0.4
G2R-1-E-12VDC relay 1.2
(not available) Break away pin headers height 7mm, 2.54 female, Connector 1.2
Banana Pi Pro allwinner A20 Soc: cortex A7 dual core 1G, 1G RAM, GPU Development board 58
Banana Pi Pro camera Development board 29
Sim900 Shield Development board 30
Huawei gtm900C $30 Development board 30
Sim900 Shield w/RS232 Development board 30
Case BMC70005 152*108*36 mm Case 5
Case CQN70018-A2 155-95-29mm Case 5
TMB12A12 12*9.5MM 12V buzzer
PBS-33B Button/Switch 0.5
MIC WM61A WM-61A102A WM-61A 1
10K 0805 ±5% SMD Resistor 1
0.1uF 0805 ±10%, 50V SMD Capacitor 2
Arduino pin header 1*6 blackt 100pcs/3usd
Arduino short pin 01.jpg
Arduino pin header 1*8 blackt 100pcs/4usd
Arduino short pin 02.jpg
Arduino pin header 1*10 blackt 100pcs/5usd
Arduino short pin 03.jpg
Arduino pin header 1*16 blackt 50pcs/3usd
Arduino short pin 04.jpg

Not Sorted

  • PI cam - 5.2/pcs
  • Upgraded TS100 61.5/pcs
  • Delay off relay 12/24volts - 2.8/pcs
  • Green Laser Protection Glasses From 300nm -600nm - 3.3/pcs
  • WS2812 RGB 60 leds/meter-waterproof-5volt - 4.8/pcs
  • 433 MHZ remote , black one or two button - 2.4/pcs