Arduino GPS Board

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Arduino Demo Code

  • You need to be aware of the baud rate of your GPS, in the code below it is 38400.This baud rate maybe not read avaialble from arduino monitor, then after you upload the code, you need to open a serial monitor for monitoring.
  • Nema demo will write to uart
  • Connect your GPS shield via hardware uart pin 1/0 or software uart pin 2/3
  • Demo code please this on this page, use hardware or software uart.

Serial Pin Setup

Hardware Serial:

  • D0 - jumper down
  • D1 - jumper up
  • When upload sketch, the jumper on hardware serial should be removed.

Software Serial:

  • SoftwareSerial mySerial(3, 4); // RX, TX
  • D4 Down: GPS_TX to D4_TXD
  • D3 Up: GPS_TX to D3_RXD
  • Recommanded to use adafruit GPS library - software serial parsing sketch
Time: 14:01:13.62560
Date: 3/7/2020
Fix: 1 quality: 1
Location: 2234.2695N, 11353.2412E
Speed (knots): 0.00
Angle: 61.59
Altitude: 24.30
Satellites: 14

Other Pin Setup

For R3 version, GPS interrupt & low power standby mode to arduino D8 pin


  • On board new GNSS location chip please see L76-L in Quectel GNSS

Board Updates

R3 Version Update:

  • The board is updated to R3 Version, use Quectel high performance GNSS chip, add user prototype area and more details
  • Please notice the board still using Arduino special stackable pin header.

R2 Version Update:

  • Support USB-serial, micro usb on board, connect to PC can be recorgnized as a USB-TTL interface, read date directly.
  • Add backup eeprom, and battery to save tmporary GPS data, and quick restore status.
  • Status LED on left top of PCB - power, 1PPS GPS, SPI SCK (when SD card data read and write).
  • DS1302 RTC IC board, including CR1220 battery holder.
  • GPS-Int can select by jumper to D9 for R2 version, or D8 for R3 version.
  • GPS-1PPS can slect by jumper to D8 or on board LED or ground.
  • Serial display EDGPU2.2 can display GPS debug data directly. Demo video see here.