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Pin Definition and Size

Nrf906 size.png
  • VCC ---- Power supply.
  • TXE ---- RF module mode selecting.
  • CE ---- Enable RF module for transmit and receive.
  • PWR ---- Power up chip.
  • CLK ---- Output clock, divided crystal oscillator full swing clock.
  • CD ---- Carrier detect.
  • AM ---- Address matched.
  • DR ---- Receive and transmit ready.
  • MISO ---- SPI master input slave output.
  • MOSI ---- SPI mater output slave input.
  • SCK ---- SPI clock.
  • CSN ---- SPI enable.
  • GND ---- Ground
  • GND ---- Ground


Example with arduino.png

There are two examples in this code, one is sending data and another is receiving data. File:Get the code here.
Set different bands for different countries, here is very easy to change: nrf905.write_config(US); Just enter your country or area as a parameter in this function. In fact, you have choices:

Country Band
US 908.42Mhz
EU 868.42Mhz
Africa 868.42Mhz
China 868.42Mhz
HK 919.82Mhz
Japan 853.42Mhz
Australia 921.42Mhz
New_zealand 921.42Mhz
Brasil 921.42Mhz
Russia 896Mhz

upload the two examples into two arduino boards, one for sending and other one for receiving:
Nrf905 send and receive.png
On the receiving end, you should be able to see:
Hi, Arduino 0,
Hi, Arduino 1,
Hi, Arduino 2,