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Type Control Feature Support Storage Datasheet/user manual
GPD2856C Buttons play from TF/U-disk, on board amplifier MP3 32Gb U-disk, 16Gb TF
VS1003/VS1053 SPI play from TF File:VS1003datasheet.pdf
YX5200 serial play from TF MP3, WAV, WMA, ~48Khz 32Gb, FAT16, FAT32, File:Yx5200 english manual.pdf, more serial commands
WTV020-SD-20S serial or button play from TF ~16Khz WAV, ~36Khz ADCPM(AD4) 1Gb, FAT WTV020-SD-20S
  • MP3 control mode: play/pause, previos/next, volume up/down
  • Point-to-point mode: each press will trigger one file to play
  • loop-play mode: play all files one by one after booting
  • Serial control play mode: control by MCU, play files control by commands from CLK and DI pin
  • VS1003 RAM 5K conventional I/O 4, support decoding format is relatively small
  • VS1053 RAM 16K conventional I/O 8, OGG / MP3 / WMA / WAV / FLAC (need to load the patch) / MIDI / AAC and so on.

Other options

  • WT2003S-16S

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